photo of Yury

My name is Yury Zavarin.
Recently I’ve figured out that I like to travel. This web-site is mostly about my trips and photos from these trips. I noticed that I like the photography also not long ago, but I hope that the quality of my photos improves gradually.

Why .asia?

I was born and grew up in Central Asia, and only then I moved in Moscow for 8 years.
My first trip took place in Southeast Asia, and this web-site was planned as a place to copy my notes about first trip from Facebook.
That’s simple, .asia.
Meanwhile the web-site is not only about Asia.


Facebook: facebook.com/zavarin
E-mail: yury.zavarin@gmail.com
Instagram: tudum

P. S. English isn’t my native language, so don’t be surprised there are many mistakes in texts.

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