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Careless Nepalese traveller. Day -1.

Recently I’ve quit my job for doing nothing.

But my friends have told me: “You are idiot! Why are you wasting your time in Moscow? Go to Thailand/Bali/etc. as we did. It’s too cold to spend winter in Moscow.”

I opened a political map of the world and looked at countires which are located in Southeast Asia and close to. There was Nepal and that time I knew nothing about this country. As long as I read articles about Nepal it was more and more interesting: less tourists, many different cultures, no sea/ocean, but amazing mountains, striking political history of the country, and many other oddities (for example, non-rectangular flag of the country).

So, I didn’t hesitate, I had to go there. I was scared a bit, so my good friend Sergey joined me for the first two weeks.