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During this trip I mostly sleep in a tent. But in big cities I try to find someone who can host me. It allows me to explore the city better, talk with local people, and, for sure, take a warm shower and wash dirty clothes.

Usually I find people from WarmShowers and CouchSurfing, or stay at friends’ houses when it’s possible.

Below is the list of the people who hosted me so far. Thanks you, guys!

Yury Trushkov and Sergei Shutov (Moscow, Russia, many nights, fiends).
Aleksandr Artamonov (Smolensk, Russia, 2013-09-29–2013-10-02, WarmShowers).
Anastasia Tychinskaya (Vitebsk, Belarus, 2013-10-03–2013-10-05, CouchSurfing).
Anton Bobrov (Minsk, Belarus, 2013-10-07–2013-10-18, friend).
Elena Maisiuk and Dasha (Grodno, Belarus, 2013-10-22–2013-10-26, CouchSurfing).
Doubra Suowari (Brest, Belarus, 2013-10-29–2013-10-31, CouchSurfing).
Anna Khvyl and Yosh (Lviv, Ukraine, 2013-11-04–2013-11-08, have common friend).
Alex, Jenya, Vlad, Archie, Lena, Maks and David (Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 2013-11-12–2013-11-25, squat, have common friend).
Eugene Galagan (Chișinău, Moldova, 2013-11-30–2013-12-04, found by Anna Khvyl on a cycling forum).
Tatiana Nepomyashcha (Odesa, Ukraine, 2013-12-05–2013-12-09, Ann’s friend).
Alina Ene (Focșani, Romania, 2013-12-13–2013-12-16, WarmShowers).
Andrei Nikoara and Roxana Ion (Bucharest, Romania, 2013-12-17–2013-12-20, 2014-08-23–2014-08-26, WarmShowers).
Viktor Lazarev (Zaječar, Serbia, 2013-12-23–2013-12-25, 2014-05-22–2014-05-27, WarmShowers).
Davor (Bečići, Montenegro, 2013-12-31–2014-01-10, a friend of friends).
Adnan Drace (Mosta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014-04-13–2014-04-17, WarmShowers).
Dado Delic (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014-04-18–2014-04-25, WarmShowers).
Sadik (Orašac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014-04-28 – 2014-04-30, a stranger).
Mirald Mesic (Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014-04-30–2014-05-02, WarmShowers).
Aleksandar Erski (Šabac, Serbia, 2014-05-05–2014-05-08, WarmShowers).
Miladin Veselinovic (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2014-05-11–2014-05-13, a stranger).
Martin Stevanovic (Belgrade, Serbia, 2014-05-13–2014-05-19, WarmShowers).
Dana Borontis (Timișoara, Romania, 2014-07-10–2013-07-12, CouchSurfing).
Silviu Filip (Oradea, Romania, 2014-07-13–2013-07-14, CouchSurfing).
Zsolt Erdélyi (Debrecen, Hungary, 2014-07-13–2013-07-14, WarmShowers).
Aurel Tiplea (Dragomireşti, Romania, 2014-07-17–2013-07-18, a stranger).
Paul Adam (Bistrița, Romania, 2014-07-18–2013-07-19, WarmShowers).
Camelia (Colibița, Romania, 2014-07-19–2013-07-21, a sister of Paul Adam).
Georgiy Gherman (Krasnoilsk, Ukraine, 2014-07-23–2013-07-28, a friend).
Radu Păltineanu (Piatra Neamț, Romania, 2014-07-29–2013-08-03, CouchSurfing).
Calin Oltean (Târgu Mureș, Romania, 2014-08-04–2013-08-05, WarmShowers).
Ciprian Besoiu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2014-08-05–2013-08-06, WarmShowers).
Daniel Kloyber (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2014-08-06–2013-08-08, CouchSurfing).
Vlad Spinean (Sibiu, Romania, 2014-08-14–2013-08-18, WarmShowers).
Ivan Bezdomny (Brașov, Romania, 2014-08-19–2013-08-23, CouchSurfing).
Hristo Doksanliev (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, 2014-09-09–2013-09-12, CouchSurfing).
Diana Ovchelarova (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014-09-21–2013-09-27, a friend of Hristo Doksanliev).