Chișinău–Odesa (2013-12-04–2013-12-05)

Nothing really interesting happened on the way to Odesa.

Following the Jenya’s advice I went around Transnistria. Just didn’t want to have deals with customs. Though it’d be interesting to visit Bender or Tiraspol.

Initially I had a few options for stay in Odesa. But they disappeared later. I’d crossed the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and put Ukrainian SIM-card in. About five minutes later I’d got a message from Ann. She asked me if I’d found a host in Odesa. I don’t how it is possible! Is it a sensible woman’s heart? Or anything else? Just incredible! Ann rescued me again and gave contacts of her friend Tanya.

Tanya was busy in the evening, and I waited for her near the house. After some time I got cold and put more clothes on, still it was a bit chilly. A young man came to me and started talking with me. It turned out that previously he was seriously involved in sport, and currently he works as a bodyguard. He brought me to a gymnasium where his trainer worked and his friends trained. He left me there to get warmer. Those were very interesting guys.

And then Tanya came, so I continued to get warmer in the flat.

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