Chișinău (2013-12-01–2013-12-03)

Thanks to Jenya events happened endlessly during my stay in Chișinău

On the very first day Jenya, his friend Nikita and me cycled outside the city to visit rope-jumpers. There is an unfinished tall building on a hill, 60 meters or so, and people jump from that building. When we’d come there, someone was going to jump, but couldn’t get the courage. It was really scary to watch jumps from the ground.

We decided to take our bicycles on the top to be sure nothing will happen with them. Seems it was harder, than the following jump.

It’s interesting that girls were more brave than guys. I was afraid even to look down. But I didn’t hesitate when it was my turn, I also didn’t want to make anyone waiting for me. So I jumped. Jenya recorded video of the jump:

We were on a party of bearded men, visited Jenya’s friends, Jenya cooked mămăligă and plăcintăs, and so on. After the end of the third day I’d discovered I didn’t take even a single photo in Chișinău.

Jenya also noticed that the time had come to change the bicycle’s chain. Now I’ve got a new chain, and in the future I’ll change it in time.

I met up with Tanya one more time to continue interview. Actually we just talked each other, I answered her questions as I could do it, and Tanya recorded our talk on a phone. As a result she made really clear text from the scraps I fed her. I was amused by the result. I won’t become tired to repeat that Tanya is a super specialist.

So, the interview is in Russian, but you can use Google Translate to read it:

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