Lviv (2013-11-05–2013-11-07)

Whenever I want to write about a city I’ve visited, I do it poorly. So, just believe me, that Lviv is wonderful. The city center is concerved and the whole area is like a big museum. It seems you can walk there endlessly. It doesn’t matter what direction you take, it’s interesting everywhere.

Almost all the streets in the center are stone pavings. Definitely it produces discomfort for car drivers (and cyclists), but it’s so nice to be a pedestrian there. Often people don’t pay attention to traffic lights, they know they’ll be passed. European architecture, narrow streets, numerous coffee houses, bars and small restaurants… It’s so fine to be there.

I was so happy that Ann offered me to stay for one more day. She wanted to introduce me her friend German from Romanian village in the South of Ukraine. I’m glad we met up, German is a very interesting person. In the last evening Ann and Yosh organized jam-session at home, it was quite funny. Thank you, Ann and Yosh, I’ll keep that evening in memory for a long time!

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