Odesa (2013-12-06–2013-12-08)

On the way to Odesa I didn’t imagine how big it is. But this is a good reason for travels, to get your own experience. If I’d know everything beforehand, it’d be pointless to go somewhere.

Two days I spent wandering in the city. Historical center, harbour, beaches, slum.

Most interesting place for me was slummish Devolanovskiy descent or “Kanava” (means “gutter“) as locals call it. I get attracted by such places, I like that anxious feeling I get when I’m in such places, my imagination draws strange pictures there. If I’d try to explain my admiration for aesthetics of ugliness, it’d take too much time. Fortunately, there are some more clever people, who can explain it. Good introduction into this theme is “On Ugliness” by Umberto Eco.

At least three people gave me advice to try falafel in a kiosk on the crossroad of Troitskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets. Once I tried that falafel, I didn’t want any other food and ate in that kiosk only.
Warming up icy palms using falafel and plastic glass with hot tea, I had understood I can’t delay anymore and had bought two thermoses, 0.7 liter each, for the following winter days.

I’d overslept carelessly the morning when I had to leave Odesa. I felt guilty because of that, but I asked Tanya to host me for one more day. Tanya, forgive lazybones and thank you again for the hospitality!

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